A People First Tech Company


does it plug in to the wall or the cloUd? if so, we got this.


how we work -


IT Support

We field incoming requests in the form of emails, Slack messages, or whatever form of communication is best for your team. Those requests can be anything from password resets, hardware issues, just a quick question about a possible phishing email. 

IT Strategy & Project Management

From budgeting to task management and execution - we’re your goto team to handle one-off projects or carry part of your strategy workload.

Network Engineering

Nothing hurts more than crappy internet. Not only can we lock down your network to pass your compliance assessments, we can come in and just simply...make it better. 

Employee & Equipment Management

Purchasing hardware, setting up desks, installing the right software, and making sure permissions are turned off in a timely manner. Who would have thought this took so much time?!

Information Security

We’re here to help your team safely navigate current threats, protect your email systems, and make sure all of your most critical data is safely monitored and protected.

Workplace Experience

Optimizing IT to fit your critical workflows is our favorite thing. Too often it’s the other way around. We’ll fix your conference rooms, find the right data management strategy or keep your bubbly water machine plugged into your insta so it can keep your followers up-to-date when you’re out of raspberry flavoring.


tech isn’t one size fits all-


Your Full stack tech team


It’s time for your CTO/Founder/Office Manager to let go of password resets, buying and setting up new computers, internet issues, software management, and reduce their Advil intake. Great IT empowers your company to focus on what they need to accomplish. We are your team of experts who you get to know by name and beer preference.


Your Project pioneers


Something in your tech environment is causing you heartburn. Your SaaS subscriptions are out of control. Your conference room tech is keeping you from having productive meetings. You need help completing a security audit to get your next round of funding. We are happy to step in and deliver great work on a project by project basis.


your reserve chute


Scaling companies often get tasked with doing way more than they have the bandwidth to do. Then what? You don’t need a contract to work with us. We’re happy to fill in when needed, to respond to your bat signal when you’re having an “oh shit!” moment. Don’t call your nephew who worked at Best Buy, contact us. We work with your IT team to lighten the load.