A People First Tech Company


Welcome to a new approach on tech
proactive, people-first, light-hearted, and effective.


So what would you say you do here?

As a group of IT experts, the FieldGuide team decided the current industry’s offerings just weren’t cutting it. FieldGuide eliminates the apprehension and entitlement that too often separates the user from IT resources. Technology should be empowering, not a obnoxious, boring, or smelly — we’ll prove it.


Who’s behind this?

Nicole McCall and Joe Gerlach have spent their entire careers helping companies focus on what’s important. They’ve worked on IT teams of all sizes from startups to scaling superstars and enterprise corporate environments, but they’ve never been satisfied with how IT has been delivered. Nicole and Joe started FieldGuide to change the days of the “IT guy in the closet with the servers” and make it something that is business first, approachable, and honest.